How Your Dog Keeps You Healthy


Everyone at some point or another has heard amazing stories about dogs that had the ability to dial 911 during an emergency or a dog that pulls its owner away just seconds before being hit by oncoming traffic. The courage dogs have is reminded to us every day through movies and shows where dogs have the ability to do amazing things to keep humans safe. However, these extraordinary feats are nothing in comparison to the numerous ways dogs keep us healthy every single day.

One of the things we need regularly is exercise and dogs are great motivators. If you are tired after work and do not feel like hitting the gym after sitting in traffic combined with a stressful day, your dog is more than willing to get you off the couch for an evening walk or jog. Pet owners stay heart healthy because are always ready for a walk, run, bike ride, or a game of Frisbee throwing.

Dog owners have been shown through several studies to have healthier cardiovascular statistics to including improvements in blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol. In comparison to people who do not own dogs, these health benefits are afforded to only those who love to have man’s best friend as a companion. In addition, heart attack sufferers with dogs live longer than those who do not have pets.

If you find that you are in a constant bad mood, it may be time to choose a furry little friend as a companion. Studies have shown that pet care helps reduce depression, lower stress, increase energy, and reduce anxiety. These benefits alone are motivation enough to head out to a pet store and make a new friend today.

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