Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

The idea of a cuddly, loving dog anxiously awaiting your arrival at the front door is something that is appealing to almost everyone. Who wouldn’t want to come home to someone who is constantly happy to see them? But when it comes down to it, a lot of people aren’t cut out for the commitment of being a dog owner. A dog is an addition to the family that needs the same love and care as a small child would. Before jumping into responsibilities that your family cannot handle, you should ask yourself the following questions.

Do I have the time needed to dedicate to a dog? The dog will require extra attention, especially in the beginning when everything is still new. Unlike humans, who can handle activities by themselves such as using the bathroom at any time with ease or grabbing food and water from the fridge, a dog depends on you for these things.

Is everyone in my household comfortable around dogs? Some people simply are not fans of animals, and allergies can be problematic. You wouldn’t want to get an animal that your family falls in love with only to find out that you need to get rid of it because of little Sally’s unexpected, yet serious allergies.

Am I financially prepared to support a dog throughout its entire life? The dog will need you to provide food and toys, and you will need to pay for veterinarian expenses, etc. If you’re away from home for longer than your average workday, you will have to think about hiring a dog walker or making plans for a neighbor or friend to feed and walk your dog.

If these are things you cannot handle, you are probably not ready for a family dog.

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