Testimonial Tuesday: VetSelect Kidney and Bladder Treatment

My dog Missey who is going on 14yrs, was diagnosed with having bladder stones. I was told by my vet that there was nothing on the market I could give her to correct the problem outside of an operation to clean her out, that would have cost me over $3000.00 plus, and no guarantee of the outcome or that the bladder stones wouldn’t come back. Due to missey’s age I did not find acceptable, and decided to have her put down, when I came across the KIDNEY/BLADDER meds from ALLERGIC PET online. Being a little skeptical about how well this would work I figured at this point it didn’t really matter and it was cheaper than an operation, so I went for it. My dog Missey has made a 180% turn around after her first treatment. She’s acting like her old self again and no negative side affects that I can see. All I can say is THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for saving my dog, she’d be gone now if it wasn’t for your product. THANKS AGAIN

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