Uncomfortable Feline? Could be Cat Constipation!

One of the great things about cat ownership is how self-sufficient they are. Most cats can go the entire day without want or need of human interaction and be perfectly fine as long as they have food and water. However, sometimes cats need a little human intervention, like when they get into something they shouldn’t be in or when they have health problems that they need our help to take care of, like cat constipation. If you suspect constipation in your feline, you should always have them examined by a veterinarian first to determine if there are other more serious problems.

So what causes cat constipation anyway and how do I spot it?

There are many things that can cause cat constipation: dehydration, hairballs, foreign objects in the colon, or sometimes just too little (or too much) fiber in their diet. There could also be environmental factors, such as stress from moving or another aggressive pet. It’s pretty easy to spot the resulting discomfort in your cat, as your pet will often have an unnatural and hunched posture. Your cat may also be vomiting, have a poor appetite, and be very lethargic. Cats with constipation may also try to relieve themselves outside the litter box or visit frequently with no result. In most cases, your cat will cry out in discomfort from the litter box as they strain.

By contrast, a healthy cat will have a bowel movement at least once a day, and sometimes more, depending on their diet. Older cats, or ones that have been recently ill, may go longer between bowel movements than that but never more than 48 hours. If you detect a problem, you should immediately consult your cat’s vet.

Treating cat constipation with Lax-eze.

After your vet diagnoses your cat with either chronic or severe case of constipation, you can begin treatment with our Lax-eze anti-constipation formula. We offer both Lax-eze granules and Lax-eze homeopathic liquid. We also offer a full treatment pack which includes a 10oz jar of granuals and a 2oz bottle of liquid for severe or frequent constipation.

You don’t need to worry about using Lax-eze with any of the remedies that your vet prescribes, either. The Lax-eze formula is all-natural and safe and can be used alone with great results or used in combination with traditional medicines. Lax-eze will regulate and normalize your cat’s stool, improve their digestion, make their coat healthier, and give them more energy.

Help your cat out of their discomfort and give them Lax-eze today!

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