Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Dogs make wonderful pets for children. Not only can dogs be a loyal friend and playmate, but they can also help children learn important characteristics, including responsibility, love and loyalty. Since different dog breeds possess different traits and personalities, it’s important to find a breed that is suitable for children. The following are excellent breeds to consider if you want a pet for your kids.

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are gentle, docile dogs that love to please their owners, making them a great breed for families with kids. This laid-back breed tolerates a kid’s antics, such as ear or tail pulling, and goldens are patient and affectionate.

Bull Dog

Bulldogs are sturdy, tough dogs that make perfect pets for children that like playing rough. These dogs are friendly and docile and they get along with other dogs and animals, making them perfect for families that want more than one pet.


These gentle, large, furry dogs have the nickname, “Nature’s Babysitter,” because they love kids. They are protective of children and very patient with younger children. These dogs are natural swimmers and they have been known to save the lives of people drowning.


The beagle is a playful, cheerful and friendly breed of dogs that fit in well with active children. They require plenty of activity, so they’ll love playing games with the kids. Beagles are sturdy dogs that get along well with other pets, although they do require regular bathing and brushing.


Collies are affectionate and mild-mannered and they are very loyal friends to children. They consider family members a part of their pack and they often become protective of their owners. Collies are often wary of strangers, making them great protectors and guard dogs for families.

Standard Poodles

While standard poodles look elegant, they have plenty of energy and love to play. Their intelligence and willingness to please their owners makes them a great family dog. Since they have hair instead of fur, they make a great choice for children that may have allergies.




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