Can Dogs Outgrow Seizures?

A sick pet can be a difficult thing for any pet owner to handle, and when that sickness comes in the form of seizures, an otherwise healthy dog can suddenly be a fountain of need. But is there any hope for such circumstances? It turns out that the answer is yes… maybe.

Seizures can occur in dogs for a variety of reasons, ranging from poisons that have crept into them, including lead, and pesticides, to fatigue, hyperventilation, and bright lights, to hypoglycemia or genetic factors. In some of these cases, handling the attacks can be as simple as eliminating the stimulus. If your dog is being poisoned, it can be as simple as stopping the poisoning, and while maybe “growing out of it” isn’t the right term for that, the seizures can subside.

In the case of hypoglycemia, in puppies especially, the dogs can simply grow out of it on their own. Studies have shown that Boxers, Poodles, and terriers are the most commonly struck by this kind of seizure, but it has been noted in several toy breeds. If hypoglycemia is the cause of your puppy’s seizures, the dog is likely to outgrow them, and in the mean time they can be treated with what is essentially sugar-water. This sort of condition is often caused by malnutrition, or the presence of parasites.

Unfortunately, not all causes of canine seizures are grown out of. Genetic deficiencies do persist throughout the life of the animal, and while there are treatments that exist which can reduce the frequency of the seizures, or eliminate them entirely, the treatments need to be administered on a continuing basis.

Ultimately, the best course of action is to consult a veterinarian for specific advice on your dog’s condition, and the best treatments for it, but there is cause for hope in doing so. Some dogs really do outgrow their seizures.


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