Common Cat Litter Box Problems and Solutions


One of the less pleasant aspects of cat ownership involves the litter box. Although this handy device prevents you from taking endless bathroom breaks (as you would with your dog) it also can be stinky, dirty and, sometimes, not an end-all solution. The following are a few common problems you may encounter, as well as excellent solutions:

Dealing With Litter Boxes And Multiple Cats

If you are the proud owner of multiple kitties, you might have noticed one or more of your feline friends refusing to use the community litter box. In many households, one dominant cat will take control of the litter box and refuse the others from obtaining access. Sometimes, however, the problem arises when there’s even a small amount of stress between kitties. Your best solution to this problem is to place multiple litter boxes throughout your home and, if a lack of spaying or neutering is contributing to the problem, consider a trip to the vet.

Picky Cats

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your cat will find issue with your litter box. First, take your kitty into the vet for a checkup — you’ll want to ensure that a medical issue is not responsible for your cat’s behavior. Once you’ve ruled out medical problems, try changing up the location of your litter box. Depending on your cat’s age, that spot in the basement might be out of reach. Some cats are also picky about types of kitty litter, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of brands. Finally, be sure that you are actually cleaning the litter box on a frequent basis. Think about what would happen if the tables were turned? Would you really want to do you business in a stinky box that hadn’t been cleaned in ages?

Any number of problems can cause your kitties to avoid the litter box. If you even suspect those issues may be of a medical nature, do not hesitate to visit the vet. Otherwise, take time to observe your cat’s habits and experiment with box placement. You might be surprised by the end result!

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