Common dog skin allergies and ways to treat them.

Like allergies in humans, dog skin allergies can develop at any point in a dog’s life. Dogs can develop allergies to pollen, medicine, mold, dust, bug bites, or even certain fibers like wool or nylon. With this long list, it might seem impossible to determine what’s causing your pooch to itch so badly. However, you can isolate variables and narrow down the possibilities. Watch and see when the itching or rashes get worse. For example, if your dog’s allergic symptoms get worse every time she goes outside, she may have a skin allergy to grass or another outdoor allergen. Likewise, if your dog goes into the damp basement and begins scratching like crazy, she might be allergic to mold.

Whatever the cause, it’s critical to get your dog diagnosed as soon as possible. Your dog’s discomfort can vary greatly depending on the exact nature of the allergy. In more serious cases, dogs will begin to lose hair and develop sores and infections. You should act early to prevent this awful situation. Take your dog to the vet! Veterinarians can match your dog’s symptoms to different allergies. The vet will prescribe treatment for your pet, and it’s critical that you follow that treatment. Remember, your dog can’t treat herself—she relies on you to take care of her!

In addition to the prescription from the vet, you may want to consider a holistic treatment. offers a wide variety of natural treatments for all kinds of pet ailments, including skin irritation. Our Skin-eze formula comes in both a pill and topical form. You can use it to soothe and relieve the symptoms of dog skin allergies. You can use it either in addition to your prescription medication, or by itself—but we highly recommend that you visit your vet. Dog skin allergies may seem small, but they could be an indication of a larger problem. You need the expertise of a veterinarian to get the full picture on your dog’s health.

Now that summer has rolled around and your dog will be outside more than ever, the possibility for dog skin allergies is high. If your pooch shows signs of allergies, invest in a holistic remedy today!

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