How To Handle A Dog’s Yeast Infection From Peanut Butter

You’ve heard that peanut butter is one of the healthiest foods for humans. That may be true of our species, but it’s not necessarily true of your dog. Some dogs can eat peanut butter and walk away unharmed. But others develop incredible painful yeast infections just from eating peanut butter.
The ingredients in peanut butter cause this problem. Almost all peanut butters contain both natural and artificial sugars, which set the stage for yeast breeding. Trust us—peanut butter isn’t worth the risk!
If your pet already has a yeast infection, we have some good news. Our product, Skin-Eze, is the perfect remedy for your dog’s itching. It contains topical herbs for direct application to your dog’s skin that will relieve itching and help your dog calm down. We also sell treatment packs and capsules. Every dog is different. Some dogs like sprays, while other dogs prefer to receive capsules in treats. Just make sure that you don’t hide them in peanut butter!
It’s hard not to share our food with our beloved pets. But dog owners should treat peanut butter as a toxic substance. It causes your dog real harm and discomfort! Just like chocolate, there’s a chance nothing will happen, but there’s also a chance your animal will get sick. Instead of feeding your dog peanut butter and potentially causing a yeast infection, buy them manufactured dog treats instead. If you have to feed them human food, fruits, vegetables, and meats are the best choices. If you need to give your pup medicine, you can hide it inside a marshmallow or ground beef, which should satisfy them. And remember, if you pet does get a yeast infection, take the all-natural, holistic approach to healing them with’s products.

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