Diarrhea in Cats Can Also Be a Problem for You!

Cats are independent pets that don’t require a lot of attention which makes them great for people who work or want a pet that can take care of itself. But sometimes, especially if you have an outdoor cat, your independent pet will get into something they shouldn’t have eaten. Diarrhea in cats can develop even if your pet is indoor only. Sometimes, a dramatic change in diet like a switch from dry to wet food, or emotional stress like a long move or a stay at the vet will wreak havoc on the digestive system of any cat. It’ll be tough on your life, too! It won’t be as uncomfortable as it will be for your beloved pet, but it could ruin clothes, your furniture, and your carpeting too.

Well, if your cat develops this problem, we’ve got great news for you and relief for your feline! We offer a safe and all-natural product called Diar-eze that will help you treat the most severe cases of diarrhea in cats. To use Diar-eze, simply add a single teaspoon of the granules to your cat’s food. You can also use three pumps of the liquid into your cat’s water bowl or directly into their mouth. Some picky eaters may not like the smell of the granules in their food, so the spray comes in handy. You can normalize your cat to the granules by starting with a small pinch and gradually increasing the dosage to the full teaspoon over the course of two weeks. You’ll receive both the liquid and the granules with the Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack and you can even use Diar-eze in conjunction with traditional drug therapy from your cat’s veterinarian.


To normalize your cat’s stools, Diar-eze contains both soluble and insoluble fiber to bind the excess liquid in their colon. With its special formula including trace minerals and natural plant enzymes, Diar-eze also helps to regulate digestion and maximizes the nutrition your pet can absorb from its food. In no time at all, your happy cat will be back to their normal self and without the discomfort of diarrhea. You’ll be happier too without the worry of a messy and smelly problem hurting your pet!

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