Dog Diarrhea: No one’s friend

Dogs are man’s best friend. But do you know what isn’t your dog’s friend at all? That’s right: dog diarrhea. Not only can it lead to a mess inside your home that can ruin clothing, furniture, and carpeting, but it can also be a difficult and embarrassing problem to clean up after them when you’re out on a walk, especially when in public. Dog diarrhea can be caused by many things. You know dogs, sometimes they will eat anything and when they do, it can upset their digestion. A dramatic change in diet like a switch from dry to wet food, or emotional stress like a new home or time in the kennel can also be contributing factors that will upset the ecosystem in their bodies.

If this is a problem for your dog, Allergic Pet has relief for you and your dog! Diar-eze is a safe and all-natural product that will let you treat your pet’s digestive ailments. For medium-size and large breed dogs, just add a single tablespoon of the granules to each of their meals. For smaller breeds, use a teaspoon. It mixes well in soft food, but if you only feed your dog dry kibble you can moisten the food slightly to help it stick. Most dogs aren’t picky about it, but if your dog refuses to eat it, you can start with a small pinch and gradually increase the dosage over the course of two-weeks. You can also use three pumps of the Diar-eze spray in their water bowl or directly in their mouth. Both the spray and the granules are available in the Diar-eze Full Treatment Pack and work great together. If your vet has prescribed traditional drug therapy for your pooch, you can use Diar-eze in conjunction to help relieve symptoms and further regulate digestive function.

Diar-eze uses a combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber to bind excess liquid in your dog’s colon and normalize their stools. It also uses a special formula of trace minerals and all-natural plan enzymes to help maximize the nutrition your pet absorbs from their food. In a matter of days, your happy pooch will be feeling better and both of you can get back to your life, free from the discomfort and hassle of a messy and smelly dog diarrhea problem.

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