Dogs and the Dinner Table


If man’s best friend is becoming a nuisance at dinner time, the are some things that you can do to better
Fido’s table manners. From distraction to restraining, there are some easy ways to keep your dog from begging for table scraps.


One easy trick to try is simple distraction. If you begin to train your dog that each time you have dinner, he gets a treat, it will be easier to keep him from begging.

A great way to do this is with a toy from a company like Kong. They make interactive chew toys that can be filled with peanut butter or treats. This keeps your dog busy the entire time you are eating, and not only that, he will come to know that each time you get ready to sit down for dinner, he is getting his Kong.


If you have crate trained your dog, it is easy to direct him to his crate during meal times. Simply give him a treat so that going into the crate is not a punishment, but more of a reward for his good behavior during meal times.

No People Food

Another, somewhat simple, way to keep your dog from begging during meal times is never to get him started on people food in the first place. If you begin by feeding your dog during your dinner time, and never share your food with him, he will not get a taste for human food at all. If you both eat at the same time, begging won’t be a problem.

This also means that you must keep your guests from sneaking your dog scraps from the table, too. We all know a family member or friend who just cannot help it, and hates to say no to a dog. Just let them know that you have trained your dog not to beg, and ask them please not to share their food with your pup.

There are several ways to perfect your dog’s table manners, and starting with these from an early age are key. Good luck!

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