Top 3 Pet Friendly Car Options


Children, drinks, and even grocery bags, have secure places to ride within a vehicle, but what about Dog-Kids? Gone are the days of only taking Fido on car rides for yearly vet visits. As more humans live in urban areas, we like to bring our pets on hikes, to playgrounds made just for them to play with other pets and even to stores that cater to their needs. Pets commonly ride in vehicles, and now some manufacturers are making vehicles with these pets in mind.

Safety and comfort are the two top priorities when it comes to transporting your pup.

Jeep Liberty

The Jeep Liberty Offers tons of extras made just for pet owners to fit perfectly into the model. It also has back seats that fold down, and allow your pet and his buddies room for the ride that is comparable to the back of a pick up but safer.

Dodge Journey SE

The Dodge Journey offers something that not many vehicles have, it has a cooler in the dash to keep water so you and your pet can stay hydrated after a hike in the woods. This SUV is rated high on safety and off road capabilities as well.

Subaru Forester

This vehicle can go off road, so taking your pet off the beaten path is safe and easy. Side Curtain Airbags, will protect the four legged passengers in the passenger, or back seat. While they ride in comfort on the leather upholstery.

Remember to keep your pet safe while on the road by keeping lose items secure in the vehicle and not allowing them to hang their head out the window unless you are going really slow down a back road.

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