Pet News: Cat Bark Edition


  • A kitten barking like a dog? You have to “hear” it to believe it! Watch the video above to hear Bun Bun’s unique purr.
  • #theoandbeau love. Daily photos of an adopted puppy and a toddler napping have gone viral. Jessica Shyba, who adopted the puppy, started posting the photos on Instagram and her blog, Momma’s Gone City. Check out the pictures for your daily dose of #love.
  • We’re going to keep the sweet stories rolling. Coming out of Philadelphia are eight month old lab/pit bull mix brothers. Their story is especially heart-warming because one of the dogs is blind. It took the animal shelter some time to notice, but once they did, they could see that the other dog has been acting as a seeing-eye dog for his brother. The two dogs are always cuddling and never leave each other’s sides.

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