Pet News: Jerky Edition


Newspaper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week we’re starting a new feature on the blog. There are so many pet-related news stories, both happy and sad, that we’d love to highlight a few that caught our eye. As always, please let us know if we missed something in the comments.

  • Huffington Post has an interesting article this week on why dog growling can be a good thing. Nicole Wilde writes, “He could certainly have snapped at the puppy, or worse. But instead, he gave an appropriate warning. That the puppy didn’t buy a vowel, get a clue, and understand what was being spelled out was a problem, so the dog growled louder.”.
  • Read more from Huffington Post: Why Growling is Good 
  • Tampa Bay Times has a heart-warming story about an Air Force dog that survived heatstroke. From the article, “When a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois dog named Eddie put his nose to the ground in Afghanistan last year, he was credited with saving an entire Air Force platoon from an improvised explosive device.”
  • Read more from Tampa Bay Times: Celebrated bomb-sniffing Air Force dog survives brush with heatstroke.
  • And in viral news this week, the Internet is loving this Kitten Tootsie Roll Video. Check it out below:


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