Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

Bringing your dog to work is a great way to break up mundane routines while giving you a chance to spend time with your best friend while on the job. When you want to bring your dog into work, there are a few tips to help smooth the process of bringing a pet in and introducing it into a new environment.

Get Permission

Before thinking of bringing your dog to work, it is essential to get permission from your manager or employer directly. Getting permission to bring your dog to work is important to reduce the risk of bringing an animal into the workplace if you have co-workers with severe allergies or fears.

Have Your Dog Vaccinated

Have your dog vaccinated and get any routine shots that are necessary before bringing him or her to work to minimize the risk of potential injuries or illness to others.

Create a Safe Space for Your Dog in the Workplace

Create a safe space for your dog at work by bringing blankets, toys and special treats from home to help make him or her more comfortable. Having a designated area where your dog stays throughout the day can also help you to keep a better on on him at all times. Bring treats, food and a fresh supply of water along with toys to keep your dog happy without bothering others while you are working.

Ensure Your Dog is Well-Trained for Social Environments

Any time you plan to take your dog where other individuals are present it is necessary to feel comfortable enough with your animal in social environments. Ensuring your dog is well-trained for social environments is possible by taking him for walks, to public parks and introducing him to large groups of people before bringing him into work.

Knowing how to bring your dog to work without a hassle is a way to reduce the risk of embarrassment or being told to return your dog home once you are actually working. The more familiar you are with your dog’s habits, behaviors, and abilities to interact with others, the easier it is to gauge whether or not he or she is ready to go to work with you.

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