Topical Solutions for Dog Allergies

itchy dog

itchy dog (Photo credit: Ikayama)

Dogs will itch for all sorts of reasons, but without knowing what the cause is, a pet owner can go through a lot of mistakes trying get his canine friend some relief. Dog allergies can be caused by many of the same things that cause humans to have allergies. These can include:

  • Food reactions – certain foods will cause some dogs to break out in hives and skin irritations. It’s not common but some dogs due have reactions to what they are eating. Protein reactions and wheat gluten are both known to trigger reactions.
  • Mold – When dog food is stored in large quantities, it can develop mold, especially if some type of moisture is present. Most dog food ships dry, but that doesn’t mean it can develop spores quickly when the conditions are right. Ingesting mold can trigger skin reactions in some dogs by causing an immune system drop.
  • Other animals – Dogs can react to other dogs hair and dander just humans in terms of allergies.
  • People – Believe it or not, your dog can be allergic to human beings too.

In terms of topical treatment, pet owners have a bit of a challenge because dogs are covered with fur. This makes it a bit hard to apply a topical treatment effectively. However, a good bath cleaning with a pet shampoo and an application of tea tree oil can alleviate itching from a topical perspective, at least providing temporary relief.

Other topical treatments aren’t so much applied to the dog’s skin as it applies to the surroundings. Using air filters cut down on animal dander and fur flying around. Frequent vacuuming of the indoor areas where the pet frequents does the same. Air conditioning cuts down moisture which removes mold potential where the food is stored. All combined and applied regularly can help reduce allergy sources for a pet. All of the above are natural approaches to treating a pet without resorting to drugs or chemicals. This provides a healthier remedy for the pet as well as less chances of side effects.

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