Treatment for Seizures in Dogs

English: 9 Week Old Dog

English: 9 Week Old Dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seizures in dogs are not uncommon, but they are life threatening. They occur due to an abnormal burst of electrical activity within the brain. This causes the dog to have convulsions. It can occur in just one area of the body, but it is more common to occur throughout. Initially, the dog may be anxious, crying out or even may seek seclusion. Then, the seizure, which lasts under two minutes, will cause a collapse of the pet and then a period of time where the dog is unconscious, not breathing or otherwise rigid. It can be frightening.

Why Does It Happen?

What can be behind this? There are numerous risk factors present. If the dog is ill, such as suffering from heat stroke, encephalitis, brain injury or kidney failure, this can bring on a seizure. It can also occur from poisoning. If a pet gets into rat poison or other animal baits, this can cause it to occur as well. Other risk factors for poisoning include chocolate, insecticides and lead.

How to Treat Dog Seizures

If your dog is experiencing seizures, and it occurs more than one time per month, treatment may be necessary. First, treatment for the underlying cause is necessary in all situations. Removing chemicals that could be causing it and improving health are necessary steps. Aside from this, other treatments can help to reduce the frequency of such attacks.

When selecting any type of treatment medication for dogs for seizures, be sure to keep the following in mind.

  • Choose only all-natural dog seizure treatment. These are by far the best because they have few, if any, type of side effects to the dog.
  • Look for all natural anti-convulsive medications. These will be the best overall treatment for the pet in this situation.
  • Some dogs benefit from acupuncture and changes to their diet.

If your doctor states that using a chemical-based medication is necessary, find out if an all natural option would work better. All-natural products are also easier on the dog’s liver and overall health.

When it comes to dog seizures understanding your pet’s risk factors are important. Seek out treatment that focuses on all natural remedies whenever possible.

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