Why feed your dog a natural food?

Your pooch is more than just an adorable ball of fur, he’s a prized member of the family. As such, you want him to live a vibrant life and bring your family many years of joy. Just like his human family, your canine companion needs a nutrient-dense diet to fuel his romps around the park. A natural dog food can give your pet the nutrients he needs without the nasty additives and fillers.

Why Natural Dog Food

When it comes to pet food, the fewer additives, the better. Food that is free from artificial colors, pesticides, fillers and chemicals gives your dog the best chance at fighting allergies, infections and illnesses.

Your dog relies on the nutritional value in food to stay energetic, muscular and healthy. Natural dog foods are more nutritious because they contain high quality proteins and grains instead of bulk fillers.

Many of the additives in traditional pet food can cause digestive issues because they are not fit for animals to eat. Natural foods break down in the system properly so your pooch can digest them easier. Your pet will appreciate not being crumpled up in a corner because he’s constipated . . . again.

In addition to feeding your pet a natural dog food, you must keep his portion sizes reasonable. If you feed him too much, he’ll end up overweight. If you are having a tough time calculating Fido’s calories, talk to your vet. She will take your animal’s age and weight into consideration and help you figure out the right amount of food to feed him.

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  1. Gary Alan
    February 17, 2014 at 2:08 am (8 years ago)

    I totally agree that when we feed our dogs home made dog food, we must also keep their food in a proportionate level. Feeding them home made dog food also entails responsible feeding. We cannot just give them whatever they want but also we should consider what are the best ingredients for them.

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